Kelucharan Guna Keertanam

Kelucharan Guna Keertanam

Welcome to the online home of the North American Odissi Convention: “Kelucharan Guna Keertanam” 

The festival, Guru Kelucharan Guna Keertanam is an ode to the legendary Guru, Late Shri kelucharan Mohapatra the founder and resurrector of the Indian classical dance form “Odissi” as we see it today.  Guna means guruji’s creations, Keertanam means , celebration of the legacy of guruji’s creations. In this festival we are celebrating … 

The festival which is conducted by the Odissi Dance Company (ODC) under the leadership of its Founder and Artistic Director, Smt. Aparupa Chatterjee every year in different parts of the world, aims at giving the audiences an immersive experience into the world of Odissi dance by featuring performances by several professional practitioners of the art form in the United States as well as India who are trained under the SRJAN (Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra’s) style as well as other contemporary Odissi styles. This is to bring the art community, art lovers and talented upcoming artists under the huge umbrella of the SRJAN family.