The ODC Repertory

The ODC Repertory

Aparupa Chatterjee
Artistic Director

Dr. Aparupa Chatterjee (Artistic Director) raised in an artistic family in Kolkata, the City of Joy in India, founded the Company in 2009 as an adjunct organisation of Texas A&M University which later transformed into a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, performing and teaching worldwide. Chatterjee has performed lead roles in Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra’s iconic repertory and in […]

Yashaswini Raghuram

Yashaswini Raghuram, hailing from Bangalore, India, began her journey into Indian classical dance at a young age of 9. Under the tutelage of Smt. Shubha Dhananjay, she studied Bharatanatyam for 10 years in India. In the University of Texas, Dallas, she became a disciple of Dr. Smt. Aparupa Chatterjee, and has been training under her […]

Divya Chowdhary

Born in Sweden and raised in America, Divya Chowdhary is a lead performer of the Company and has performed in North America, Qatar, and India. Divya regularly performs as a team leader in group, duet, and solo choreographic works of Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra, Guru Ratikant Mohapatra, and Smt. Aparupa Chatterjee. She premiered Dr. Aparupa Chatterjee’s ‘Ye Ho […]

Swati Yarlagadda

Swati Yarlagadda, a Texan, began her training in Odissi under the tutelage of Aparupa Chatterjee at the age of seven. Swati completed a 3 hour solo dance debut (Manchapravesh) at the age of twelve. She has performed Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra’s, Guru Ratikant Mohapatra’s and Aparupa’s choreographic works extensively in USA and India. She is one […]

Divya Srinivasa

Divya Srinivasa, a Texas native, is the youngest talent in the company since 2010.  She has performed extensively throughout the US and abroad as a soloist and as part of the ODC repertoire.  In 2016, she performed in the acclaimed Odissi International Festival in Bhubaneshwar, India. She has trained in the Srjan style of Odissi under her Guru, Smt. Aparupa […]

Ramyani Roy

Ramyani Roy, hailing from Houston, Texas, has performed choreographic works by Guru Sri Ratikant Mohapatra. She has had various performances throughout Texas, Florida and India. In 2016, she competed in the Odissi International Festival in Bhubaneswar where she received the “Odissi Pratibha” award. Ramyani has extensively performed lead roles in Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra’s production on Vande […]

Tanvi Prasad

Tanvi Prasad, born and raised in Palo Alto, California, had her Odissi debut in the company in Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra’s original and Smt. Aparupa Chatterjee’s directed globally famous dance drama, ‘Vande Mataram’ in summer of 2016. As one of the lead dancers, in 2016, Tanvi performed at ODC’s signature North American Odissi Convention festival in Texas. She […]

Sadrita Mondal

Sadrita Mondal, born and raised in Austin, Texas, has been learning Odissi under the guidance of Smt. Aparupa Chatterjee. She has performed at various festivals in the US and abroad. In 2019, she performed in the acclaimed Odissi International Festival in Bhubaneshwar, India. Sadrita has attended workshops with Guru Ratikant Mohapatra and Smt. Sujata Mohapatra. […]

Prithika Sen

Prithika Sen, hailing from Houston, Texas, has trained in Odissi from early childhood. She is currently a disciple of Smt. Aparupa Chatterjee. She has also trained at Durga Bari’s Kala Bhavan in Houston for several years. Prithika completed her Odissi Manchravesh in 2017 and is currently a repertory in the Odissi Dance Company. Odissi has influenced many […]

Anandi Silva Knuppel

Anandi Silva Knuppel began her dance journey as an adult, learning Bharatanatyam with Smt. Bana Ramanath of San Antonio, Texas. In 2009, she began learning Odissi at Pani Dance Academy in North Carolina, a satellite school of Smt. Sujata Mohapatra. After finishing her master’s degree at Duke University focusing on the classicality, authenticity, and devotional […]

Shirin Gohil

Shirin Gohil, born in Massachusetts, and raised in Texas, has been learning Odissi under the tutelage of Smt. Aparupa Chatterjee since 2012. She has performed choreographic works of Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra, Guru Ratikant Mohapatra, and Smt. Aparupa Chatterjee, throughout Texas. In the past several years, Shirin has performed at a variety of festivals including the Brazos […]

Samprokshana Karthikeyan

Samprokshana Karthikeyan, born and brought up in Texas, has been learning Odissi under Smt. Aparupa Chatterjee since 2011. Odissi has been a platform to express herself and showcase her Indian culture and traditions to her community. She has performed various pieces in the Texas area from her childhood, including the choreographic works of Guru Kelucharan […]

Debkonya Banerjee

Debkonya Banerjee resides in College Station, Texas. She is an active member of the Odissi Dance Company.  Debkonya is a disciple of Dr. Smt. Aparupa Chatterjee and had been training under her tutelage since she was four years old. Debkonya has performed at multiple venues across Texas (Austin, Houston,etc.) and international venues (Brazil, India, etc.). […]

Aradhana Yoganand

Aradhana Yoganand, embarked upon her journey in Indian Classical Dance at the age of 7 with Bharatnatyam. After successfully completing her first level examination in Bharatnatyam conducted by Gandharva Mahavidyalay Sanchalit, Ahmedabad, India in 1998, she resumed classical dance with Odissi at the age of 11 with Shringar Odissi Nrityalaya under the guidance of Guru Smt. […]