About Us

OUR MISSION is to erase cultural and ethnic barriers by promoting and preserving the diverse cultural and performing arts heritage of South Asian dance and to form successful partnerships with academic institutions and student or non-profit organizations in order to organize multicultural events, seminars, and workshops.

ODC hopes to educate the Americans about Odissi, an ancient Indian classical dance form, and identify and develop South Asian cultural and performing arts appreciation around the world. Nationally and locally, ODC hopes to organize various events in Oregon, North Dakota, Texas, New York that would constitute domestic and international artists from various cultures and genres. The institute collaborates with different existing student organizations from across the state to enhance and promote their respective cultures. In order to promote South Asian dance and culture to a wide audience, the institute also organizes fundraising events for cultural events and performances.

ODC made its mark through several international festivals, film festivals, online platforms, and television broadcastings, creating a niche for the Odissi diaspora in the United States and abroad through disciplined practice and lifelong commitment. Praised by several international and domestic critics and reviewers, ODC’s critically acclaimed performances reflect exceptional technique, complementing aesthetic imagery and captivating synchronization.ODC has educated the performing arts community about the art form Odissi, its origin, history, technique, essence and language of expression through several university residencies, departmental lectures, commissioned works, dance and theatrical productions and international tours. ODC has demonstrated equal expertise in executing with grace and tranquility, both Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra’s choreographic works and the evolved neoclassical/ neoliberal choreographies of Guru Ratikant Mohapatra.

In addition to presenting significant works on Odissi from the past, Dr. Chatterjee commissions new productions, retaining the grammar of traditional Odissi, experimenting with the aesthetic significance of movements and rhythmic transitions with Carnatic, Hindustani and World music, and aim to enrich and not dilute the dance form. ODC has earned a national/ international acclaim through its productions and performances, to foster global and community outreach, aesthetic enrichment and cultural exchange with the performing arts community.